Our History & The Current Commitee

Blaston & District Agricultural Society was founded in 1957 by a group of local people with a keen interest in agriculture and the rural community.  The original founders were Bill and Molly Jackson, Dick and Clare Clarke and Joyce Noble.

The first ever Blaston Show was held in the same year and has been an annual event ever since, only having to be cancelled four times in its history; in twice due to Foot and Mouth disease and twice for Covid 19.  The Show originally started as a small gymkhana competition and later incorporated donkeys.  As the show grew and became more popular, show classes of horses and ponies, sheep, goats, cattle and dogs developed.

The Show has always been held in the vicinity of Blaston village and has been run from just six sites in its 66 year lifespan.  It has been held at the current site on Langton Road, Slawston since 2022.

The management team have ambitious plans to build on the Show’s successes and its unique positioning in the summer show calendar.
The Society was incorporated as a limited company in 2009 as Blaston and District Agricultural Show Society Ltd.

The Society was formally registered as a Charity in 2010.

Registered Company: 06796428 | Charity No: 1135686 | Registered Office: 10 Station Street, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicester LE8 0LN

Society Committee

President :
Janet Meek MBE

Chairman :
William Young

Directors & Trustees:
James Mount
Alistair Chapman
William Young
Duncan Maxwell
Trisha Clarke
James Stanbridge
Mick Marlow

Society & Show Secretary:
Janette Stocks

Nick Bairstow and Antony Walters

Honorary Membership Secretary:
Lucy Lee-Tirrell

Honorary Auditors:
Ireland & Co
10 Station Street
Kibworth Beauchamp

Heads of Show Sections

Show Director: Matthew Trembath
e: showdirector@blastonshow.co.uk

Head of Main Ring: Brett Marshall
e: brett.marshall@cityam.com

Media & Marketing: Hilary Manners Marketing
e: marketing@blastonshow.co.uk

Sponsorship & Advertising: Beth Morris
e: sponsorship@blastonshow.co.uk

Membership Secretary: Lucy Lee-Tirrell
e: membership@blastonshow.co.uk

Trade Stands: Trisha Clarke
e: tradestands@blastonshow.co.uk

Horse & Pony: Ann Lee
e: horseandpony@blastonshow.co.uk

Sheep: John Dixon and Abi Fincham
e: sheep@blastonshow.co.uk

Sheep Shearing: Gill Burbidge
e: sheepshearing@blastonshow.co.uk

Cattle: Andrew Fyfe
e: cattle@blastonshow.co.uk

Dogs: Chrystopher Wharmby-Thorpe
e: dogs@blastonshow.co.uk

Modern Farming & Livestock Area: Tom Stops
e: tom.stops20@gmail.com

Classic & Vintage Car Run: Trevor Stocks
e: classiccars@blastonshow.co.uk

Vintage Tractors: Andrew Brown and John Barnett
e: vintagetractors@blastonshow.co.uk

Society & Show Secretary: Janette Stocks
e: secretary@blastonshow.co.uk
2 Digby Close, Tilton on the Hill, Leics LE7 9LL