The Blaston Hound Show

The Blaston Hound Show was started in 2002 when no livestock could be brought to Blaston and District Agricultural show due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease. Committee member, Gilford Stubbs, proposed holding a hound show to help fill the gap and thus Blaston Hound Show was established.

The Blaston Hound show is a nationally recognized and professional show providing a professional pre-run for experienced Huntsmen aiming for The Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show. Also giving those less experienced the opportunity to show their Hounds.

In 2011 the introduction of classes for Old English foxhounds further established the show’s growing popularity. 2022 saw the introduction of The Young Handlers class, aimed at 10 to 16 year olds, who assist their local kennels and show genuine promise for a future in hunt service.

The show, which is recognized by The Master of Foxhounds Association attracts entries from as far away as Northumberland, Essex, Shropshire, North Yorkshire, and Dorset, as well as our local packs including The Fernie, in whose county the show is held.

The Judging of Hounds is a complex and often subjective task.  However, the basic points the judge will be looking for are:

MOVEMENT – The most important quality in assessing a hound’s conformation. Good movement allows a hound to cover many miles per week repeatedly throughout the season. The judge will particularly look for good legs and feet, a sloping shoulder and a deep chest for lung and heart room.

HINDQUARTERS – ‘The Engine Room’ length of hip and hock produces speed. The Spine and Pelvis are the ‘Drive Shaft’ between front and rear.

Please come and visit the show and see the Hounds and Judges in action in the various classes for Dog and Bitch hounds and try and select your winner.