Disabled Access

Accessibility Statement & Information

The Blaston Show welcomes visitors with special needs. Wherever possible, reasonable adjustments are made to accommodate people’s special needs. However, we must point out that the showground is normally a livestock field for the rest of the year, consequently the Show takes place on uneven grassland. Weather conditions, before and during the event, can make it difficult, sometimes perilous, for people with mobility difficulties. Wet weather creates problems with the use of walking sticks, crutches, wheelchairs or mobility buggies because the ground conditions can become soft and muddy.

We are keen to provide access to all within these limitations and continually strive to improve so that as many people as possible can enjoy our Show. 

Disabled Parking 

Disabled parking is at the front of the parking area, which is nearest to the public entrance.  These are restricted to vehicles prominently displaying the recognised disability badge. If the “blue badge” is shown then the parking staff will direct you to the parking space.  The number of spaces are generous, but not limitless.  Early attendance is recommended.  If the “blue badge”  is not displayed, the driver will be directed and parked in the general parking areas. 

Disabled Toilets

We have two dedicated disabled toilets inside the showground.  These are spaced either side of the showground.